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🍯 First, the LIVE instruction. As a student of the course, you’ll come to our headquarters in SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA where you will have AT LEAST SIX back to back Brazilian/Manzilian models of various body sizes/shapes and hair density to complete full penis/labia brazilian waxing. No drawing, no plastic diagram, no practicing how to spread wax on silicone mats. Waxing done on anything other than live bodies is a waste of time.

🍯 Next comes The Process Element. Speed waxing is useless if you don't have a Process in place that allows you to provide clients with a grace period, educate them on aftercare, sell the aftercare and rebook clients. We show you how to do all of this in 15 minutes

🍯 Access to our NSFW VAULT of online tutorials that features brazilian and manzilian patterns and techniques to review at home.

🍯 Access to The Waxing Manifestowhich is our online business and tax guide that shows you advanced concepts of how to save to save as much money as possible on taxes as well as basic concepts like banking structure and the legalities of opening up your own shop

🍯 Access to The Secret Summit Society Meetings where Jane deep dives with past Summit Alumni on business and growth challenges

🍯 one of a kind Championship Medal attesting that you not only climbed The Everest of Waxing but you pushed it down a flight of stairs and laughed at its haircut

🍯 A Goody Goody Bag filled with every backbar and retail item produced by Lady Peng up until the date of your summit

🍯 A Cocktail Reception the night before your summit to get to know  instructors and past alumni. 

🍯 Ongoing Mentorship


NO OTHER  waxing program is this hands-on and rigorous. You will sweat, you will cry, you will question your life choices and YOU. WILL. GROW.

2023 SUMMITS have sold out


  • Jan 21 (3 Spots Avail)
  • Feb 04  (4 Spots Avail)
  • Mar 10  (3 Spots Avail)
  • May 26  (5 Spots Avail)
  • June 02  (4 Spots Avail)
  • July 28  (4 Spots Avail)
  • Aug 04  (3 Spots Avail)
  • Sept 22  (2 Spots Avail)
  • Nov 03  (5 Spots Avail)

*** Complete Cost of Waxing Summit is $3600. This listing is JUST for the NON REFUNDABLE deposit. 

*** After receipt of your deposit, we shall send you a link for the remaining $2600 balance through PayPal. You have an option to pay in full or to finance it thru PayLater.

*** Full Payment of Training Summit ($3600) is due four weeks before date of Waxing Summit

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